Team Layout

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Oli Squire

Oli is a mad Millwall fan – no one likes him but he doesn’t care! Supporting Chris in the setting up of LIG Fire his young looks disguise several years already in the Fire safety business and he is already working on his own accounts.

Dave Hyde

Dave brings with him a wealth of safety knowledge. He is an ex Firefighter and was employed as a Health and Safety expert. He is a First Aid instructor and has successfully run his own security business. His main hobby is weight training and he is a former Swindon’s strongest man. His other strength is DIY and his weakness is his children.

Kevin Seal

A fully qualified electrician, Kevin has recently joined LIG after having worked in and around government buildings, mostly hospitals where he gained experience in building maintenance and working with other trades. In his spare time, he likes to try and keep his garden tidy, and listen to 80`s music – sort of Alan Titchmarsh meets Simon le Bon. Born in Enfield, North London, he still lives in the area with his wife of 26 years and 2 boys aged 24 and 14.

Michael Dill

Michael has worked in facilities management since the age of 16 and worked for a another guardian company for a many years before joining Live in Guardians. He provides access to all of our properties for clients and assists the Guardian and Property teams whenever possible. A keen fitness freak & goalkeeper who hopes to still make it pro one day even though he’s in his 30’s.

Emeline Jones

Emeline has a background in law. She studied at Metropolitan University doing her Bachelors in Law and then also did her Masters in International Law. After all that hard work she decided that law wasn’t quite for her and pursued a career in hospitality and Customer services. Emeline’s first language is French and sometimes find herself speaking the wrong language to the wrong people. In her spare time she’s a Sport addict and is very competitive. She enjoys watching anything from football to tennis and wishes she understood the Rugby rules. She religiously supports Arsenal and believes 2017-2018 will be their season!

Lisa Marie Smith

Lisa decided to venture back into the office environment after successfully running her Cleaning/Home help and Building businesses from home for many years. Manager to her children’s acting careers she has secured work from the BBC, ITV and in West End Theatre. Next step to success…Hollywood! She is passionate, loyal, respectful and happy and believes the only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.

Mark Kennedy

Mark is highly self-motivated business development professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. He has gained extensive experience with alternative investments such as Hedge Funds, Real Estate, Commodities, Managed Futures and Private Equity funds and the fund administration process. He has led the relationship building process and enjoys maintaining existing relationships with key global institutions at C-Level (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO) in the private and public sector. Mark is a Chelsea fan with a beautiful wife and son.

Simon Lester

With a proven record in 4 and 5 star hotels, a successful booking agency business and a consultancy services for CEO’s under his belt, Simon is the perfect person to help Live-in Guardians develop their business. A member of the Academy of Chief Executives for 18 years, he has been Chairman of his own Academy for 10 years and describes his experiences with the Academy as ‘life changing.’ In his spare time Simon enjoys fast cars, fast cycling and boats.

Chris Tomkins

Chris comes to LIG with 15 years’ experience in the fire alarm trade and is also qualified for performing electrical works, surveying and quoting. He heads up this branch of LIG which deals with all Fire Alarm issues including the supply, design, installation, maintenance and service, commissioning and Fire Safety training. In his spare time, when he is not looking after his 2 young kids, he is another mad Tottenham fan and loves his sport.

Mat Robins

Mat (with one t!) grew up in Barnet just down the road from our Head Office. However, his work in pubs took him all over the country and in particular he spend time as a Pub Manager in Kent and Central London and makes him very important at our Annual Guardian Christmas Party. He had a short spell working for the Stroke Association before joining LIG last year. Although an all-rounder, he hopes to specialise in carpentry and lists his hobbies as photography and building computers.

Dan Iura

Dan started construction work in 2007 after studying at college. He began as a carpenter apprentice in house refurbishment, building new roofs and conversions with his uncle. He progressed to become a foreman for Sun construction in Manchester and went on to work on projects such as Hilton Hotels, Barclays Bank and in fact helped build the first Metro Bank in Guildford. Dan came to LIG from Noble House and lists his sporting interests as football and tennis His favourite song is ‘Hello’ by Adele!

Gavin McDaid

Gavin joins Live-in Guardians with circa 12 years’ experience gained within the Facilities Management sector within the City of London, working as the Corporate Properties UK Project Manager for a major service provider at a global Financial Services company and overseeing all building related projects in the UK. His knowledge of Facilities Management and Project Management and has enabled him to slip smoothly into the role of Property Manager at LIG where he works with Property Owners and coordinates all the maintenance and other issues connected to the buildings. He spends his spare time with his family of two young daughters and often enjoys visiting his wife’s family in Brazil.