Vacant Property Security

 Live-in Guardians property security solutions will help you save on traditional security services by up to 100%.

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We manage all sorts of properties. Using our guardians, you can be confident your property is under observation and in good status.

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By entrusting your property to our guardians, we will help you to not only save on traditional security services and empty property rates, but we will also secure the property and manage it, maintaining a close connection with the property owner. By using our vacant property services, you can save up to 100% on security necessities. We also manage a variety of vacant properties, such as schools, offices, warehouses, care homes, flats and more. Learn more about our vacant property services.

What is a property guardian?

A property guardian, lives at a cheaper accommodation rate and keeps your property secure, under observation, occupied (to deter potential squatters, vandalists and thieves) and in good status. This provides you with cheaper security costs, and confidence that your vacant property is in good hands, giving you less worries about potential money troubles.

Your solution to empty property problems

We understand that unoccupied buildings can create problems for owners, including financial struggles and security breaches. Here at Live-in Guardians, we work hard to get to know the occupants of your property closely, and we make the best mutual living arrangements for each property owner with our solution programme. Often, we will return your property to you in a better condition than when we arrived!

Potential problems, our solution

Properties that are vacant or soon-to-become vacant face a significant threat from vandalists, thieves and squatters (unlawful occupation of an unoccupied building). Our Property Guardian Security solutions make sure your property is secure, and in the capable hands of our guardians, giving you less problems to worry about. Metal theft is the most common problem unoccupied properties can face, and since a period of vacancy can be unpredictable and sudden, we know that circumstances can change, and thieves can be ready for the period of vacancy - some properties have even been vandalised on the same day the building was emptied. Security can be an expensive and stressful factor to consider during this time - our friendly, reliable and trustworthy property guardians are here to provide you with cost-effective, professional and more effective security measures.

3-steps to a more secure property

Our 3-step solution to a more secure property could save you thousands of pounds.

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The owner of a property enters into an Agreement with Live-in Guardians Limited (LIG) authorising them to provide its services to secure the owner's vacant property.

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To assist Live-in Guardians to provide its services, LIG's associate company, Live-in Guardians Management Limited (LIM) grants non-exclusive licences to guardians to occupy a particular property.

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Upon termination of the agreement between LIG and the owner, the licence between LIM and the Guardian automatically terminates, which ensures our guardians do not acquire any tenancy rights.

Live-in Guardians

Our guardians are on-hand to provide efficient security. Not only this, our solutions include cleaning up any mess left behind, repairing any damage to the building, and handling any unwanted occupants. By having a guardian living temporarily in the building, this puts off any squatters (as they are only interested in unoccupied buildings). Additionally, by having a guardian living in your otherwise empty space, property owners can save money on security costs, business rates no longer apply for the space - and the carefully-selected guardian, usually a young professional, enjoys much lower accomodation fees for living in the building.

If you want to find out more or have specific questions or requirements please contact us and we'll be happy to help. Don't forget, you may be able to find the answers to your questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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