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The ins and outs of being a property guardian

19 December 2018

Undertaking the role of a property guardian means you have to be trustworthy, reliable and meeting of certain criteria. You’ll be partially responsible for the status and security of your temporary living space, so don’t expect the same comfortable rule-free environment as a domestic home or flat. If you’re a trustworthy young professional at least 21 years of age and have a location in mind for a temporary accommodation arrangement, you might be suited to become a property guardian.

What is a property guardian?

A property guardian is an individual who agrees to temporarily live in a client’s empty space, providing cheaper security options for the client and benefitting from much lower accommodation rates by living there. By occupying the space, this deters squatters and vandalists as they generally target vacant properties.

Being a property guardian means you have a responsibility to keep a client’s vacant building occupied, protected and preserved. Additionally, you will be expected to report any potential threats or problems associated with vandals, squatters, or the property’s structural stability such as broken windows or discovered leaks. In return for your residence within the building, a property guardian can enjoy much lower living rates and 24/7 access to a professional security team which can be contacted in the event of any problems.

The property guardians UK service allows young people to live temporarily in a location of their choice (if a property is available for occupancy in that area) at a lower cost. By occupying an empty space, the client also saves money on security costs and services. There are a number of properties available to be lived in, scattered throughout the UK, including popular locations like London. This makes for a convenient and accessible living arrangement for the guardian, for example, closer to their place of work for faster commuting.

As your new living space, you can make it ‘homely’ with furniture or items brought with you, but nothing drastic such as redecorating or altering any of the existing structures unless you’re given permission to do so. There are a number of properties available, including office blocks, ex-student accommodation and other listed buildings that are frequently updated in our books - there should be a property that’s right for each guardian, with a growing selection in a variety of locations intended to accommodate a wide range of individuals.

Part of becoming a guardian means sharing with other guardians, socialising with new people and living as part of a community. Communal spaces within properties have multiple uses - some may even have exciting features such as a cinema! With permission, groups consisting of more than one person can live in a vacant property.

Being a property guardian not only saves you and the client money, but it also provides a cheaper, alternative solution for vacant property security and temporary accommodation. If you’re interested in becoming a guardian for Live-in Guardians, please submit an application, or to find out more, get in touch with us.

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