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The Social Impact of Live-In-Guardians in the midst of a Housing Crisis

10 September 2019

The UK housing crisis has caused suffering, poverty and anger in our major cities for years. Various economic factors such as inflated land values, ‘prospective investors’, sometimes based overseas, leaving residential properties deliberately empty so that they can wait for land values to rise and then sell on, making a profit without lifting a finger – and denying anyone the chance to live in a location they wish. The numbers are truly startling, in England over 216,000 homes lie empty1, while the average cost for an unfurnished three-bed apartment in London is almost four-times more expensive than the rest of the UK average.


At the same time, the Housing Charity Shelter says that building three million new social homes2 is the only way to solve the housing crisis to allow younger families and the less well-off any chance of avoiding a lifetime of renting, a lifetime of insecure accommodation.

Live-in-Guardians is providing housing to those who desperately need it, in return for slashed rents, and responsibility for securing and maintaining vacant properties.

Our guardian housing scheme allows young professionals the chance to live in the same city as they work – which everyone should have the right to work towards. At the same time, property guardianship benefits allow property owners absolutely free 24/7 security by motivated individuals that not only save you thousands on vacant property penalty taxes (part of council tax), but will treat their new home as your would treat yours. Keeping it clean, safe, and secure.

“But wait, this is insecure as your guardians don’t acquire tenancy rights!!”

While this is true, it’s designed that way as to be as flexible as possible to both parties. If one of our guardians finds another place to live, or maybe wants to relocate entirely – that’s absolutely fine. If a property owner wishes to retake possession, they can do so quickly. But, with hundreds of properties on our books, mostly in the largest English cities, we can almost always find another property nearby that will be perfect for our guardians to move to.

We’re not a housing developer, nor do we hold a property portfolio – but the impact of the guardian housing scheme is being felt by those who guard your properties – by being genuinely affordable, safe, secure, and allowing them to progress in careers that they may have been previously locked out of for fear of housing costs.

We’re proud to be doing our bit. Find out more about Live-in-Guardians here and read our blog here.


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[2] https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-46788530 | Retrieved 20/09/19

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