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What Kind of Properties do We Cover?

18 February 2020

Any live-in property guardian should definitely consider what kinds of properties they are going to be guarding, and on the flip side, landlords and owners looking for property protection services and guardian property specialists will want to know what properties are eligible, and what kind of structures Live-In Guardians works with. The good news is that, as a leading provider of a guardian housing scheme, we are surrounded by experts who can make practically any (structurally sound) property habitable, comfortable, and above all – safe. Now, let’s get cracking!


Live-in Guardians Residential Properties 

Whether it’s a case of landlords struggling to find tenants or a case of tenants having to be (unfortunately) evicted prematurely – we can keep your investments safe, secure and inhabited (saving you a fortune on security!)

For our guardians, residential properties are likely to be inhabited very quickly due to their original purpose of being a home! That said, our guardians can make any house a home! Don’t believe us? Just take a look at our Instagram


Live-in Guardians Public Properties

From a church hall in Mitcham to a care home in Edgware, public buildings of all shapes and sizes can be made habitable rapidly, and, particularly for older buildings, be made safe and secure from fire, vandalism and squatting as quick as you can say ‘I’m saving thousands per month on security costs!’ to your increasingly jealous peer…

For larger buildings, such as residential care homes, churches, pubs and commercial lots (see below) – the ability to house so many dedicated young and aspiring professionals in the capital has a profound impact on the life of our guardians and, as a result – the economy of the city itself! You can find out more about the incredibly positive effects of being a guardian brings in this article.

As with every single building we work with – we make sure our guardians’ new homes are made habitable and comfortable at no cost to the landlord.


Live-in Guardians Commercial Properties

From this Allied Irish Bank with a traditional Hellenic façade, to a vacant GP practice, to hundreds of office buildings, warehouses, pubs, retail outlets and many more – vacant commercial properties offer opportunities to offset rates, clash otherwise extreme security costs – and provide affordable housing to the people who need it most!

Anything from a vacant floor of a skyscraper, to an entire business park, an empty corner-shop location to a brewery – we can get any property habitable and protected in no-time, with a backlog of around 2000 guardians seeking properties.

Commercial Properties are most at-risk because of their deliberately recognisable design. Also, squatters may see them as priority targets as they are easy to secure from the inside (especially a bank!), and may think that there might be valuables inside. Not all squatters are thieves and not all thieves are squatters – but from a risk-assessment and risk-management approach; we cover all angles.

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