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What are Live-in Caretakers?

24 March 2020

We all might have an image in our heads when it comes to caretaker services or caretakers in general, the classic older man armed with truncheon and torch – whistling as he whistling as he walks around a building. For regular caretakers, this isn’t actually that far from the truth (minus the truncheon!) and caretakers do fill an important role in society – protecting warehouses, office buildings, retailers and a host of other businesses from theft and vandalism. However, vacant properties need additional protection – hence the need for Live-in Guardians, one of the leading providers of vacant property services in London and other major cities in the UK. We understand that vacant properties are in a separate class from buildings that are only occupied during office hours:

Some of the Risks of Owning a Vacant Property:

  1. Punitive Rates / Council Tax – Owning a vacant rated property for an extended period can see your taxes or rates go up by more than 150%.
  2. Greatly increased risk of squatting – Squatters can move in to get a roof over their head, or to escape paying rent. They may damage or vandalise the property, and fortify it in order to block access to anyone (including emergency services) this not only causes escalating costs for you as the owner – but also can put the lives of the squatters themselves in danger. Removing squatters is often a multi-month process with costs multiplying into tens of thousands of pounds.
  3. Greatly increased risk of vandalism (incl. criminal damage) and arson. An obviously empty property is a tempting target for arsonists and vandals.

Taking Care of your Property

LIG Caretakers are an elite form of the traditional caretaker, are exclusively recruited from ex-military personnel, are SIA qualified and cost thousands of pounds less than a traditional caretaker. Let’s take a look at the comparison table below:

Key Qualifying Points

LIG Caretaker

24/7 Caretakers

Guaranteed ex-military



Guaranteed SIA Qualified



Has put their life on the line to protect





£10,750  (+319.9%!!)


Our Caretakers

Having taken all of that into account, we (and hopefully you) consider these experienced protectors to be trustworthy, highly disciplined, professional, approachable, and literally trained by the best Armed Forces in the World to protect whatever they are asked to. They won’t be carrying assault weapons, but they’ll use their military mindset to take pride, pleasure, and above-all professionalism to keep your investments safe. In the middle of a housing crisis, we certainly don’t need more buildings being made uninhabitable by fire or deterioration. Our caretakers will report any signs of wear and tear, leaks and potential hazards to us – and we will, of course, pass that information on to you directly so that you can take remedial and/or preventative steps!

Are you ready to get serious about security?

LIG Caretakers allow military veterans to use their skills, which for many returning servicemen and servicewomen, is a significant challenge which is holding them back from integrating fully into civilian life. So, to learn more about our Caretakers, click here, for useful and important information about how to protect a vacant property – we’ve got a blog for that! And finally, to get bespoke and free advice about how LIG Caretakers can help you get affordable yet military-grade protection for your property – Contact us!

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