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Life as a Live-In Caretaker

15 June 2020

Live-in Caretakers is not a run of the mill security firm. Our operators are almost exclusively recruited from military veterans and active military personnel. Our director, Lee Rider, served for over twenty years in The Royal Green Jackets and the Rifles, as well as acting as a Close Protection Officer in Kazakhstan and Helmand Province, Afghanistan as the Regional Security Manager. When it comes to property security, a Live-in Caretaker is the elite option, while being less expensive than a traditional 24/7 security guard.

Profile of a Live-in Caretaker

Benefitting from training and experience in the British Military, our Caretakers (CTs) form a corps of the most trusted and reliable operators on the planet. Property owners can rest easy, knowing that a highly professional, disciplined and committed CT is actively protecting their property around the clock. Our CTs are presentable, professional, dependable and resilient – everything you would expect from a former member of Her Majesty’s Armed Services.

Live-in Caretakers are always:

  • Fully uniformed, briefed, trained and self-reliant.
  • Fully trained in security and anti-terrorism operations (or, where appropriate, terrorism awareness).
  • Able to protect your property to the highest possible standard, 24/7, autonomously.
  • Fully supported by our expert welfare and support staff.
  • Equipped with everything they need, including living essentials such as a microwave, fridge and TV set.

What does the day-to-day routine of a Live-in Caretaker look like?

Every morning, our Live-in Caretakers follow the same military regimen as they would have done when on base. Shower, shave, dress, report. Every operator is required to check-in, online, to our head office no later than 08:30. Ensuring the lines of communication between LiC and our operators remain open and clear is a key priority for our company.

Each operator will be physically visited every day by a member of our welfare team and given as much support and on-site guidance as is required to reinforce and refresh their existing, substantial, skill set.

Live-in Caretakers stands out as one of the foremost property guardian companies because of the culture we have developed. Our operators expect to be treated as professional personnel and will adhere to strict, military-grade operating procedures. We function as a military family, disciplined and effective, but also incredibly supportive, pastoral and receptive to the needs of our operators.

Key Competencies of our Caretaker Staff:

As currently serving or former members of the military, our caretakers can undertake a broad range of specialist security functions – including:

  • Vacant property guardianship as a Live-in Caretaker
  • Residential Security Teams (RST)
  • Close Protection Operators (CPO)
  • Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance Specialists
  • Anti-Surveillance Advice & Training
  • Threat Analysis & Risk Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Farm Security & Rural Site Protection
  • Site Security & Man Guarding
  • Key Holding & Immediate Alarm Response
  • Mobile Patrols and/or Mobile Response
  • Occupied Property Security, Reception and Concierge
  • Travel Security, Escort, and/or Advisory Presentations
  • Remote Overt and Covert Cameras (Insertion and Management)
  • Dog Section
  • Log Keeping and Reportage

 Live-in Caretakers provides guardian property services like no other. With expert operators and support staff, we’ve already saved property owners hundreds of thousands of pounds. See what we can do.

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