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What is SIA licensed security?

18 August 2020

An SIA license gives you confidence that the security personnel you are hiring is a fully trained and vetted expert in providing private security solutions. All of our live-in caretakers are SIA licensed as well as ex-military, meaning they are fully equipped to provide you with the highest quality property security. So, what is SIA licensed security and how can it help you make the right choices in keeping your property secured?

SIA stands for Security Industry Authority; an organisation that regulates the private security industry. An individual being awarded an SIA license means that they are properly trained and qualified to provide trustworthy private security services. It ensures they are a fit and proper person for the job, and grants you peace of mind that your security guard is doing all they can to keep your property safe. Knowing that your security guard has been carefully approved and vetted by the SIA gives you confidence that you’re putting the safety of your property into the hands of someone who can be trusted.

Our caretakers provide world-class vacant property live-in security; keeping your empty property maintained and secure, and all of our caretakers are SIA licensed. By choosing a live-in caretaker, you know from the get-go you are choosing a safe and reliable service. We provide your caretaker with all living essentials and once they are moved in, your property becomes safely occupied and monitored around the clock, deterring potential threats from invading your building and causing any damage. Our carefully selected live-in caretakers are all ex-military as well as fully SIA licensed, making them professional experts in protecting people and places and de-escalating any security threats or dangers. Some of the biggest threats posed to empty properties are squatters and vandals, who may attempt to invade and damage your empty property. Our live-in caretakers have years of military experience equipping them to deal with this kind of threat in a safe and professional manner, preventing any expensive damage from being done.

You would think that you would have to pay a premium for this service, when in fact a live-in caretaker can come at a fraction of traditional security costs. Mainstream security services such as 24/7 security guards and surveillance equipment can end up costing you and your business thousands a year to secure your vacant property. Live-In Guardians can provide you with a live-in caretaker within 24 hours of you contacting us, ensuring that your vacant property is secured as quickly as possible and at a much lower price tag than other security measures.

In short, an SIA license is a stamp of quality and assurance. It means that our live-in caretakers are trustworthy, reliable, and committed to protecting your asset and giving you peace of mind.

At Live-In Guardians, we’re proud to be a leading provider of vacant property solutions, ensuring that landlords and their properties feel safe and secure under the protection of our caretakers and guardians. Live-in Guardian caretakers are dedicated to providing you with the highest grade ex-military vacant property security so that you can confidently rely on them to protect and preserve your property 24/7.

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