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The rise of squatters in Manchester during the pandemic

03 February 2021

Unfortunately, the covid-19 pandemic has seen many businesses in Manchester closing their doors either temporarily or for good. This has left the city with an unusually high number of empty and unoccupied commercial properties such as office buildings and pubs that have become easy targets for squatters and other criminals. Squatters break into and illegally occupy vacant buildings, often vandalising the property in the process and leaving it in a vulnerable state of disrepair. However, choosing live-in guardians or caretakers to protect your property can prevent squatters from even thinking about targeting your property in the first place.

Live-in Guardians in Manchester protect your property and prevent squatters from entering by legally occupying your property instead. Once you enter into an agreement with Live-in Guardians, we will temporarily use your property as a fully compliant residential living space. Our carefully hand-picked guardians will form a residence within your property, ultimately protecting, maintaining and looking after your valuable asset as well as any tenant would in a traditional rental, and they will report any issues back to our in-house maintenance team. By safely and legally occupying your property, guardians offer passive security as their presence deters squatters from targeting the building. In exchange for their services, our guardians get to live in prime Manchester locations at a fraction of ordinary rent prices. It is a relationship that benefits both the property owners and the guardians. We never ask our guardians to put themselves in dangerous situations, but if your security needs are more urgent and serious our Live-in Caretakers could be the right choice for you.

If you require a higher level of protection, our Live-in Caretakers provide empty building security in Manchester by protecting and monitoring your property around the clock. Our caretakers function as 24-hour security guards, living in your building and safely dealing with any threats. All of our caretakers are ex-British Military and SIA certified individuals, experienced in protecting, preserving and de-escalating conflict. We provide our caretakers with all the basic necessities they need and they can be stationed at your property within 24 hours of you contacting us, ready to actively remove any immediate threats and prevent criminals and squatters from illegally entering your property.

Having an empty property in Manchester can be a cause of worry, especially with the rate of squatting on the rise. Choosing live-in guardians or caretakers can offer you the peace of mind you require. Squatters only target buildings that appear vulnerable and empty, and with guardians or caretakers occupying your property, you can eliminate this risk. We offer affordable and flexible live-in security in Manchester allowing you to maintain control of your property. Protecting your valuable asset with Live-in Guardians is a modern solution to property security that is not only effective but when compared to traditional options such as security guards it is also significantly cheaper. If you’re looking to protect your Manchester property whilst saving money on outgoing costs, get in touch with us today.


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