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How to keep a property empty in Manchester

27 January 2021

It is an unfortunate reality for commercial property owners that at some point, the property may not be used for it’s intended purpose for a period of time, leaving owners with an empty property. For property owners in Manchester, this can be a daunting prospect as empty properties can be an inviting target for vandals, squatters and other criminals. If you’re worried about the safety of your property and want to make sure it stays empty, Live-in Guardians Manchester branch offers innovative and cost-effective security services that keep your property safe from threats.

By choosing our Live-in Caretakers model, you can be confident that your empty property will remain secure and safe from any potential invaders. A Live-in Caretakers functions as a 24-hour live-in security guard, occupying your property around the clock and dealing with any threats that arise in a safe and professional manner. All of our live-in caretakers are carefully selected ex-military personnel with SIA approved certification. They are trustworthy, professional individuals dedicated to protecting and preserving your building, who are fully qualified to de-escalate dangerous situations and make sure your asset remains vacant whilst it is being unused. Live-in Caretakers are also a significantly cheaper option than traditional methods of empty property security in Manchester, meaning you can save thousands on outgoing security costs while gaining invaluable peace of mind that your property is never left exposed or unprotected and that no one is entering your property without an invitation.

However, if your vacant assets don’t require the strict attention of a Live-in Caretaker, it would be worth considering our Live-in Guardians to occupy your property. We will take your empty building and use it as a fully functional living space. We will place our hand-selected guardians to live in your property as they would any other residential property. All of our guardians are young professionals and key workers, vetted by our team to ensure they will keep your property in top condition and report any issues that arise. In exchange, guardians receive the benefit of Manchester city living at a much lower cost than traditional rentals. An empty property can be very attractive to squatters and criminals, and although choosing Guardians means your property won’t necessarily be empty, it will be occupied and managed by our trustworthy guardians whose presence acts as a deterrent for invaders. Our Guardians model is not only smart and cost-effective, it is also very flexible. Should you require the use of your property again we will return it to you in excellent condition, in a timely manner and most importantly, VACANT!

If you’re seeking vacant property live-in security in Manchester, we can offer you a free survey or even have a live-in caretaker ready to protect your property within 24 hours of you getting in touch. We aim to provide cost-effective, innovative security solutions to Manchester property owners as well as offering money-saving accommodation to the young professionals and key workers of the city, benefiting everyone involved. Choosing our caretakers or guardians ensures that your empty property stays empty and well-maintained. No property owner wants to see their investment fall into disrepair or become a target for squatters, and Live-in Guardians are dedicated to keeping Manchester’s commercial & residential properties safe and secure for as long as you need us.

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