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Simple ways to secure vacant properties

24 June 2021

Protecting and monitoring an empty property is difficult, and the impact of Covid-19 has made this even harder. With property owners having limited access to their empty buildings, it puts the building at higher risk. Empty buildings are targets for squatters, vandals and thieves, breaking in to occupy and deface the property and steal any valuable equipment left behind. However, there are several simple vacant property security options that can help to keep your property safe and grant you peace of mind.

  1. Keep the property locked at all times

Sounds obvious? However, ensuring that doors are closed and using secure lock mechanisms or extra bolts can help to keep criminals out. Closing the windows and keeping the blinds down can also stop potential criminals from looking into your property to see what is inside and learning it is unoccupied, keeping any valuable equipment inside safer.

  1. Use deterrents

Putting up security signs or beware of the dog signs indicate that the property is guarded and can put potential invaders off. Giving permission to the neighbours to park in the driveway can also suggest that the property is still in use and has someone watching it, and asking the locals to keep an eye out to report anything suspicious can help to put your mind at ease. Setting light timers to keep the property illuminated when it’s dark is also a good deterrent to stop the property from being targeted at night.

  1. Maintain the property

If the property isn’t regularly maintained, repairs can be costly. Maintaining the grounds and keeping any shrubbery or hedges trimmed and tidy keeps the property from looking vacant. Making sure to run the water regularly helps to avoid drainage issues, and maintaining and winter-proofing external pipes can prevent expensive leaks before they happen.

  1. Protect your property with property guardians

Property guardians protect and preserve an empty property by safely and legally occupying it. An occupied property is the best deterrent for criminals, as they know the property is lived in and monitored. Guardians function as both residents and an around-the-clock security presence, that can report any threats whilst keeping a property safe, well-lit and maintained. Having guardians live in a property can reduce business rates as well as save money, when compared to traditional security guard solutions. The Live-in Guardians concept is beneficial to both the property owner and the Guardians.

Live-in Guardians offer vacant property solutions in London and across the wider UK, protecting a variety of commercial properties such as office buildings, hotels, churches and more. If you’re looking for a simple and innovative way to protect your empty property, our carefully selected, vetted and reliable guardians could be the right choice for you. Short term contracts mean Live-in Guardians can protect your property for as little or as long as needed, and if you require full use of your property again, it will be returned to you in the same condition. If you have a vacant property that needs securing, get in touch today and see how property guardians can protect your asset and save you money.

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