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The Advantages of Becoming a Property Guardian

18 May 2023

The Advantages of Becoming a Property Guardian

Live-in Guardians are the market leaders in vacant property protection. Through Property Guardianship, we provide a modern solution to vacant building security, that can help property owners to protect their investments in a cost-effective way.

A property Guardian is someone who has entered into an agreement to live in a building or part of a building that would otherwise be empty, for the primary purpose of securing and safeguarding the property.

Guardians are primarily there to secure and safeguard a property. Keeping a property occupied deters would-be intruders from targeting the building and helps to eradicate the potential of squatting. Guardians, however, are not expected to deal with potential threats or put themselves in confrontational situations. If issues arise, or criminal activity is suspected, Guardians can report the problem to our dedicated team straight away. We will then deal with the problem quickly and professionally.

Becoming a Property Guardian has the potential to offer several benefits:

  1. Affordable Accommodation: One of the primary advantages of becoming a property guardian is the opportunity to secure affordable accommodation. Traditional rental prices are often high and can strain budgets, especially in metropolitan areas. However, by becoming a property guardian, individuals can access spacious and well-maintained properties at significantly reduced rates. Live-in Guardians provides affordable living spaces, helping individuals save money and improve their financial stability.
  1. Diverse Property Options: Live-in Guardians offers a wide range of properties, allowing guardians to choose an accommodation option that best suits their preferences and needs. Whether it's a modern apartment, a historic building, or a commercial property, there are numerous options available.


  1. Flexible Living Arrangements: Flexibility is another significant advantage offered by property guardianship. Live-in Guardians allows individuals to occupy properties on a 28-day rolling contract, providing a high degree of flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.


We have a strict selection process for our Guardians to ensure that they are trustworthy and responsible individuals who are committed to caring for the property they occupy. We also provide ongoing training and support to our Guardians to ensure that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage the property and respond to any issues that may arise.

The Live-in Guardians Property Guardianship scheme provides an innovative way of protecting both residential and commercial properties and offers a mutually beneficial arrangement for both owners and Guardians. For more information and to enquire about securing your vacant property, click here.

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