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The Economic and Social Impact of Our Property Guardian Scheme on Local Communities

18 June 2023

The Economic and Social Impact of Our Property Guardian Scheme on Local Communities

In this blog post, we will explore the economic and social impact of our property guardian scheme on local communities, highlighting the benefits it can bring.

At Live-in Guardians we convert commercial properties into residential living spaces for Guardians to live in and protect. A Property Guardian is someone who has entered into an agreement to live in a building that would otherwise be empty, for the primary purpose of securing and safeguarding the property.

Guardians are primarily there to secure and safeguard a property. Keeping a property occupied deters would-be intruders from targeting the building and helps to eradicate the potential of squatting. Guardians, however, are not expected to deal with potential threats or put themselves in confrontational situations. If issues arise, or criminal activity is suspected, Guardians can report the problem to our dedicated team straight away. We will then deal with the problem quickly and professionally.

Live-in guardianship offers a mutually beneficial arrangement for both Property Owners and the Guardians themselves. Owners can secure their property, whilst Guardians gain access to affordable accommodation in prime locations. However, Guardianship also provides many benefits to local communities:

Revitalising Neglected Areas

One of the primary benefits of the property guardian scheme is its ability to revitalise neglected areas within local communities. Vacant properties often become eyesores and can attract criminal activities, negatively impacting the surrounding neighbourhood. By placing property guardians in these vacant properties, the scheme helps to make areas more attractive and secure.

Affordable Housing

The property guardian scheme provides a unique opportunity for individuals seeking affordable housing options. In many cities, it can be difficult to find affordable accommodation. Property guardianship offers an affordable alternative by allowing individuals to occupy vacant properties at reduced rental rates.

Supporting Local Businesses

The presence of property guardians in vacant properties can have a positive impact on local businesses. As property guardians settle into their temporary homes, they become regular patrons of local shops, restaurants, and other establishments. This increased footfall can provide a much-needed boost to the local economy, supporting local businesses and contributing to their sustainability.

Property Protection and Maintenance

By placing property guardians in these vacant properties, the scheme provides a proactive security measure, deterring criminal activities and minimising the risk of property damage. Property guardians take pride in their roles as protectors of these properties, ensuring they are well-maintained and cared for. This not only benefits property owners but also contributes to maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the local community.

Live-in Guardians was established to provide a reliable and commercial solution to the problems created by empty properties. Our Property Guardian Scheme offers a solution that is beneficial to both Property Owners and Guardians, as well as local communities.

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