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How Live-in Caretakers protect your property

25 August 2021

Owning a vacant property can be a significant worry. Vacant commercial properties are at risk of being broken into by squatters and vandals, falling into disrepair and becoming a general safety hazard. If your property is due to remain vacant for an extended period, it is crucial to ensure it is adequately protected. However, traditional security guard services can be costly, and simply boarding up the property sends a clear signal that the building is empty. Additionally, traditional security measures can be time-consuming to implement, during which time your property is still at risk of being squatted or damaged. However, choosing a Live-in Caretaker to secure your property guarantees your property is protected within 24 hours of enquiry.

A Live-in Caretaker from Live-in Guardians provides a modern and innovative security solution. Our Caretakers are experts in security and protection – ex-military personnel, fully SIA certified and trained by our experts to keep your empty property safe from threats. We provide our Caretakers with all the basic necessary amenities so that they can move into your property and begin protecting it straight away, granting you instant peace of mind. By choosing a Caretaker security service you can be confident that your property is being safely occupied and carefully monitored around the clock, all while saving money on security costs. By choosing a live-in Caretaker, you could be paying a third of the cost of a traditional 24-hour security guard and still receive first-class protection. Our Caretakers are carefully selected, highly experienced and committed professionals, able to provide you with a dependable security service.

As all of our Caretakers are ex armed forces, our Live-in caretaker scheme supports ex-military personnel with re-establishing themselves into civilian life, with stable employment and accommodation. Property owners are guaranteed a high-quality security service at the fraction of the cost of a mainstream security guard, and our Caretakers receive job security, training and career advancement opportunities.

We are proud to work with property owners in the UK, with over ten years of experience in helping to keep vacant properties safe from damage and invasion. If you have a vulnerable empty property and think live in property protection is the right option for you, we can supply a live-in Caretaker to your property within 24 hours of making an enquiry. If a longer-term solution is required, we also offer a Live-in Guardians scheme, whereby we transform the interior of your property into a residential living space, so our guardians can safely occupy and maintain your property, offering protection via occupation. No matter your security needs, we’re committed to offering innovative and low-cost solutions that benefit our property owners, Guardians and Caretakers alike.

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